General Travel Conditions for Citizens from non-member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area

Foreign citizens are allowed to enter Romania under the conditions stipulated by O.G. no. 194/2002, with subsequent modifications and completions, if    

a) possess a valid state border crossing document, which is accepted by the Romanian state;

   The validity of the travel document in which the visa is to be applied must exceed the required visa for at least 6 months.

   The travel document must be valid for a period of at least three months from the expected date of departure from the territory of the Member States and be issued in the last 10 years. (EC Regulation No 399/2016).

b) holds a Romanian visa or has a valid residence permit if international agreements have not established otherwise;

c) presents documents justifying the purpose and conditions of their stay and proving the existence of adequate means both for maintenance during the stay, as well as for returning to the country of origin or for transit to another state where there is certainty that they will be allowed entry;

d) have guarantees that they will be allowed to enter the territory of the state of destination or that they will leave the territory of Romania in the case of aliens in transit;

e) they are not included in the category of aliens against whom the measure of the ban on entering Romania has been established or which have been declared undesirable;

f) have not unreasonably violated the stated purpose of obtaining a visa or, as the case may be, entering the Romanian territory or have not attempted to cross the Romanian border with false documents;

g) no alerts have been introduced on their names in the Schengen Information System for refusal of entry;

h) does not pose a threat to national defense and safety, order, health or public morals. 

Foreign citizens holding a small border traffic permit are allowed to enter the territory of Romania without fulfilling the conditions stipulated in points b) and c).

Foreign citizens - family members of Romanian citizens, as well as foreigners holding a permanent right of residence on the territory of the Member States of the European Union, are allowed to enter the territory of Romania without fulfilling the conditions stipulated in points c) and d).

Holders of permanent residence permits issued by EU Member States can enter and stay in Romania for up to 90 days within 6 months without a Romanian visa. These permits are to be issued in accordance with the provisions of EC Directive 109/2003 on the long-term resident status of third parties, according to which residence permits issued to third-country nationals who have long-term resident status in the Member States must be valid for one for at least 5 years.

Owners of permits that do not meet these conditions need visas to enter Romania. 

The entry of foreigners on Romanian territory can take place through any border crossing point open to international trafficking. The crossing of the Romanian state border by foreigners can be done through other places, under the conditions established by agreements and agreements between Romania and other states.


Rights and obligations:

Foreigners living legally in Romania enjoy the general protection of persons and property, guaranteed by the Constitution and other laws, as well as the rights provided for in the international treaties to which Romania is a party.

Foreigners legally resident in Romania may move freely and may establish their residence or, where appropriate, domicile anywhere on the territory of Romania. 

Foreigners residing legally in Romania and temporarily leaving the territory of the Romanian state have the right to re-enter during the entire validity of the residence permit.

Only foreigners with residence or domicile in Romania can benefit from social protection measures from the state, under the same conditions as the Romanian citizens.

Foreigners who have been issued with a document by the Romanian Immigration Office have the right to check their personal details and, where appropriate, request the correction or removal of data that does not correspond to reality. 

Foreigners in education of all grades have access, without restriction, to school activities and training in society.

During their stay in Romania foreigners are obliged to observe the Romanian legislation.

Foreigners cannot organize or finance on the territory of Romania political parties or other organizations or groups similar to them, nor can they be part of them, they cannot occupy public positions and cannot initiate, organize or participate in manifestations or meetings that affect the order public security or national security. 

Foreigners living on Romanian territory are obliged to respect the purpose for which they have been granted the right to enter and, as the case may be, to stay on Romanian territory, not stay on the territory of Romania beyond the period for which their stay was approved, as well as submit all the diligences necessary to get out of Romania until the expiration of this period.

Foreigners who enter or leave the territory of the Romanian State have the obligation to submit to the control of the crossing of the state border, according to the law.

Foreigners on the territory of Romania have the obligation to obey, under the law, the control of the police and other competent public authorities in this respect. 


foreigner - person who does not have Romanian citizenship;

stateless person - a foreigner who does not have the citizenship of any state;

resident - the foreigner holding a temporary residence permit or a residence card;

permanent resident - the foreigner holding a permanent stay card or a permanent residence card;

sponsor - the foreigner staying on the territory of Romania, who applies for family reunification;

Visa - authorization, materialized by applying a stamp or stamp on a valid state border crossing document which allows the foreigner subject to this obligation to present at a border crossing point to request transit or temporary stay for a the determined period, with the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated by this normative act;

airport transit visa - the authorization granted by the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania which allows the foreigner to pass through the international transit area of a Romanian airport without entering the territory of the Romanian State on the occasion of a stopover or a transfer between two sections of an international flight;

right of residence - the right granted to the alien by the competent authorities, to remain on the territory of Romania for a determined period;

residence permit - the identity document issued by the Aliens Authority to the alien who is granted the right to stay in Romania or to whom the right of permanent residence is granted;

marriage of convenience - the marriage concluded with the sole purpose of circumventing the conditions of entry and stay of foreigners and obtaining the right of residence on the territory of Romania;

interview - the discussion held by a representative of the Romanian authorities with the person requesting the granting of the Roman visa or the extension of the right to stay under this Emergency Ordinance, in order to obtain additional information regarding the data included in the requests formulated, the reasons for traveling and staying in Romania and the veracity of the documents submitted.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more