Uniform of the Romanian Border Police

Based on the minister order no 236/30.09.2009 on the approval of the Regulation for the making-up and wearing of police uniforms, as well as the regulations for the implementation of the rules on the policemen equipping, the model of the new uniforms for the Romanian Border Police personnel is approved.   

The uniform and the specific equipment are granted for free, according to the legal provisions, under the terms of the new order.

Classification of police uniforms:

  • Police officers corps:
    • ceremony uniform;
    • representation uniform;
    • office uniform.
  • Police agents corps:
    • representation uniform;
    • office uniform.
  • Depending on the season:
    • Summer uniform - summer time: from 1st May to 31st October;
    • Winter uniform – winter time: from 1st November to 30th April.

Ceremony uniform

The ceremony uniform is worn only by police officers having managing position.  The characteristic elements of the ceremony uniform are the following:  double-breasted jacket, epaulettes with rank and insignia on the sleeve, collar patches, aiguillette and accessories, trousers with piping and wide stripes for quaestors and piping for the other police officers. The color of the ceremony uniform is navy blue-indigo or white. The shoes shall fit the color – black or white - of the entire ceremony uniform. Women police officers shall wear skirts. The aiguillettes with accessories shall be worn only upon the decision of the chiefs. During time, they can wear leather or fabric coat. The policemen who do not have the right to wear the ceremony uniform may wear, in the abovementioned cases, the representation uniform with white shirt and aiguillettes / ceremony cord.

Representation uniform

The representation uniform is both for officers and agents. It shall be worn during home travel to work and in offices by the personnel with activities mainly in these areas, at certain meetings or upon the order of the chiefs, as well as instead of the ceremony uniform by the personnel who do not have the right to wear it. The characteristic elements of the representation uniform are the following:  

  • For police officers - cap, double-breasted jacket with insignia on the sleeve, epaulettes with professional rank, collar patches and trousers without piping – an exception are the quaestors who wear trousers with piping and wide stripes.    
  • For police agents – cap, single-breasted jacket with piping on the sleeve, epaulettes with professional rank, collar patches and trousers without piping.    

The color of the representation uniform is navy-blue – indigo (jacket) and grey (trousers). Women officers and agents wear skirt or trousers. During winter time, they can wear short fur coat and during rainy weather, raincoat.

Office uniform

The office uniform is both also for police officers and agents. It is worn by all personnel during specific police actions and missions onsite, as well as during training activities or on the instructions of the chiefs. The characteristic elements of the office uniform are: summer cap, fabric cap, hat, blouse, shirt, T-shirt and belt. The color of the office uniform is navy blue and grey in the upper part.    


The epaulettes are made by embroidering metal threads on a fabric support. The fabric support is navy blue-indigo color, with grey-colored edges. For the ceremony uniform, the fabric support is navy blue-indigo or white color. The ranks are represented by stars of various sizes for the police officers and rectangular stripes for the police agents. The stars or stripes are yellow-gold color. The ranks are represented on the epaulettes, as follows: 

  • For the quaestor corps: between 1 and 4 stars, with red-colored outline:
    • Police quaestor  - one star;
    • Police principal quaestor – two stars;
    • Police chief quaestor - three stars;
    • Police general quaestor - four stars;
  • For the commissioner corps: between 1 and 3 stars, with blue-colored outline:
    • Police sub-commissioner – one star;
    • Police commissioner - two stars;
    • Police chief-commissioner  - three stars;
  • For the inspector corps: between 1 and 3 stars, with black-colored outline:
    • Police sub-inspector - one star;
    • Police inspector - two stars;
    • Police principal inspector – three stars;
  • For the agent corps: between 1 and 5 stripes:
    • Police agent - one stripe;
    • Police principal agent – two stripes;
    • Police deputy chief agent – three stripes;
    • Police chief agent – four stripes;
    • Police principal chief agent – five stripes.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more