The Romanian Border Police personnel consists of border guards, other public servants and contract staff.

The Romanian Border Police necessary personnel is mainly ensured from the alumni that graduate the teaching institutions belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also for some specific positions specialists with proper studies that meet the legal requirements can be transferred from other public institutions of defense and national security or they can be hired from external source.

The statutory demands for the external recruitment of persons that wish to acquire the status of a military or police worker in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also for the persons who intend to take an admission exam in the educational institutions of the ministry, are the following:

  • to hold Romanian citizenship and have a permanent residence in Romania;
  • to know the written and spoken Romanian language;
  • to be legally competent;
  • to be declared fit from a medical, psysical and mental point of view; these checks must be carried out by the specialized structures of the ministry of internal affairs;
  • to be at least 18 years old, and in the case of candidates for admission competitions in the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to meet this requirement during the year of their participation;
  • to have the required studies fitted for the job that the person is applying for, and the candidates for the admission competitions in the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs must be high school graduates with a baccalaureate diploma; the proof of graduation is made with the diploma or the certificate from which it will be shown that they have passed and passed the baccalaureate exam;
  • to  have a behavior corresponding to the requirements of conduct admitted and practiced in the society;
  • not to have a criminal record or not to be prosecuted or prosecuted for commiting crimes, except when the rehabilitation took place;
  • not to have been removed from any public function in the last 7 years;
  • did not carry out political police activities, as defined by law;
  • meet the conditions provided in art. 10, par. 3 of law no. 360/2002 regarding the status of the policeman, with the subsequent modifications and completations;
  • they fulfill the specific conditions needed for the filling by competition of the public function with the special status.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more