Schengen Information System

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The Schengen Information System (S.I.S.) represents an electronic data base of police interest which allows the competent authorities of the Member States to cooperate in order to maintain the public order and the national security on the territory of the Member States, using the information communicated by means of this system.

As a preliminary stage in the process of S.I.S. implementation in Romania, the National Alert Information System (S.I.N.S.) which contains the alerts of national and Schengen interest issued by the competent national authorities.

S.I.N.S. allows, through an automatic search procedure in the system, the competent national authorities to have access to the alerts regarding the persons and the goods, in order to fulfill the specific responsibilities in the field of state border crossing control, the observance of the customs regime, issuance of visas and stay permits as well as other controls and specific activities carried out by the police bodies or by other authorities in order to ensure the public order and safety and the national security.

Categories of persons whose data can be introduced in S.I.S.:

  • persons who are subject to extradition or handing over procedures based on a European arrest warrant;
  • foreign (third citizens) persons subject to the following measures: entry-not-allowed, expulsion, handing over and removal from the Romanian territory;
  • persons who are missing or who, for their own protection or prevention of threats, should be placed provisory in a safe place at the request of the competent authorities or of the competent juridical authorities;
  • persons who were summoned to present themselves in front of the juridical authorities within the framework of criminal proceedings for the deeds for which the persons were pursued or the persons who are to be communicated a criminal sentence;
  • persons subject to discrete surveillance or specific control.

Personal data that can be introduced in S.I.S.:

  • name and surname,
  • birth name and previous name,
  • any pseudonyms which can be introduced separately,
  • particular physical signs (objective and unchangeable),
  • date and place of birth,
  • citizenship,
  • the reason for alert,
  • the authority issuing the alert,
  • decision or sentence lying at the basis of the alert,
  • the measures to be taken
  • etc.

Pentru vizualizarea și salvarea documentului: descarcă PDF.

Pentru vizualizarea și salvarea documentului: descarcă PDF.

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