In the area of competence, the Romanian Border Police has the following general duties:

  • Executes the surveillance and control at the crossing of the state border of Romania, prevent and combat illegal migration and cross-border crime in the area of competence, as well as any other violation of the legal regime of the state border;
  • Defends the life, body integrity and freedom of persons, public and private property, other rights and legitimate interests of citizens and the community;
  • Performs the control of the documents for the crossing of the state border at the crossing points open to international traffic, at the entrance to and exit of the free zones, at the points of small traffic and simplified crossings or in other places, as the case may be, according to the law;
  • Ensures the fluent, correct and civilized development of the traffic of passengers and goods through the state border crossing points, together with the other authorities having, according to the law, control competences regarding the crossing of the state border;
  • Ensures the control of the state border crossing of arms, ammunition, panoply and self-defense weapons, their ammunition, explosives and devices loaded with toxic or radioactive substances;
  • Supervises, by permanent direct observation, the airspace adjacent to the state border and the territorial sea;
  • Ensures the application of the treaties, agreements, protocols and state border and border control protocols concluded by Romania with the neighboring states, with other states, with international or regional organizations;
  • Concludes treaties, through the General Inspectorate of Border Police, and documents of international cooperation, with similar authorities from other states, in the specific fields of activity, observing the internal legislation and the relevant international law;
  • Ensures the supervision, maintenance and control of the border signs;
  • Organizes and carries out cooperation, in the specific fields of activity, with the similar organs of the neighboring states, of other states or destined communities, according to the multilateral bishop agreements to which Romania is a party;
  • Organizes actions for the discovery and identification of persons who have violated or are held to be in breach of the rules of the state border legal regime, as well as other legal provisions established in the competence; 
  • Collecting, storing, processing, capitalizing and exchanging data and information, under the conditions established by law for the Romanian Police, in order to exercise legal attributions, with the interested public authorities, on a protocol basis, and with similar bodies from other states, on the basis of the agreements to which Romania is a party;
  • Discover contraventions and apply contravention sanctions, according to the law;
  • Coordinates the activities of the staff of the other institutions or of the economic operators who, according to the law, carry out their activity at the border crossing point, in connection with the crossing of the state border, and follows the observance of the law by the entire personnel from the crossing point;
  • Ensures the maintaining of order and public peace at the state border crossing points and, at the request of other state authorities, participate in such actions in the settlements of the border area;
  • Participate, together with other formations of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense, civil protection units and other authorities provided by the law, to the activities of rescue and evacuation of persons and property endangered by fires, explosions, damages, accidents, natural calamities and catastrophes, as well as limiting and removing the consequences of such events;
  • Participate with territorial authorities for environmental protection and border authorities of neighboring states, as appropriate, to take the necessary measures to prevent environmental risks and the damage, and, in case of accidents affecting environmental factors, eliminate their effects;
  • Performs, through the laboratories and their own experts accredited at the level of the Romanian Border Police, technical and scientific observation and forensic expertise, disposed according to the legal norms in force;
  • Organizes and coordinates through the Frontex National Contact Point of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, activities under the aegis of the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union, hereinafter referred to as Frontex, Romania, as Council Regulation (EC) 2.007 / 2004 of 26 October 2004 establishing the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union; 
  • Participates with border guards and technical equipment available to Frontex Agency in joint operations / projects organized by the Frontex Agency for securing the external borders of the European Union;
  • Performs activities for establishing the criminal facts and, through the criminal investigation bodies of the judicial police within the Romanian Border Police, conducts investigations in relation to them, according to the law;
  • Exercises any other attributions established by law.


In the area of water competence The Romanian Border Police also has the following specific attributions:

  • Supervises and ensures the respecting of the rights of the Romanian state in the waters of the area of competence;
  • Prevents and combats piracy, terrorist acts and deeds circumscribed to organized crime in waters under the jurisdiction of the Romanian State;
  • Executes, directly or jointly with the customs authority, the control of ships and boats that have data and information that they carry out illegal activities in the area of competence or are surprised to carry out such activities;
  • Executes the control of ships and boats together with the territorial units for environmental protection in case of waste water evacuation in the emissary or in case of accidental pollution;
  • Participates in the supervision, control and protection of hunting and natural fishing fund, by preventing and combating illegal hunting and fishing, as well as illegal exploitation of other biological and non-biological resources in the waters in the area of competence;
  • Seeking ships in danger in the waters of the area of competence and on the high seas and participating in the rescue of their crews if necessary, and on request, rescue vessels and their cargo, according to the international maritime law;
  • Performs surveillance and participates in the control of compliance with the regulations on the order and safety of navigation in the waters of the area of competence and in ports, in collaboration with the port authorities of the area; 
  • Prohibit the access of foreign ships to certain areas, sectors or districts of the territorial sea and river waterways under the jurisdiction of the Romanian State, by temporary suspension of the right to pass, according to the law, directly or with the participation, upon request, of the ships' Ministry of National Defense;
  • Ensure protection and participate in defending the objectives of great importance in waters in the area of competence, in collaboration with the national units of the Ministry of National Defense, with other forces, in accordance with the plans approved in advance.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more