Activities carried out in the responsibility area of the Border Police only with its approval

    • Aurel Vlaicu Airport, Bucuresti - Baneasa;
  • Conditions for the applicant;


Content of the approval file

The approval file shall comprise:

  • approval request form;
  • company statute / copy, depending on the case;
  • nominal table with the personnel which is to work within the premises of the border crossing points and their identification data;
  • table with the vehicles which are to enter the premises of the border crossing points and their identification numbers;

Conditions for the applicant

Depending on the activity type, the approval applicant shall fulfill the following conditions:

  • during work time, the employees shall wear a badge with their name, first name, the stamp and the signature of the employer, accompanied by a photograph;
  • the access of the employees in the premises of the border crossing point is made on the basis of a service card stamped every trimester by the employer;
  • any change of personnel should be notified to the Border Police by the holder of the approval, within 24 hours after its occurrence;
  • the access of the employees, with personal cars or a property of the company where they work, beyond the border crossing documents control line, on the exit way out of the country is forbidden;
  • to enclose the shop or, depending on the case, the location where the activity is to be carried out, with the appropriate means, in order to prevent the persons access through other places than those designated for this purpose;
  • to assure the lightening of the shop or, depending on the case, the location of activity during night time, in the lateral, front and in the back side;
  • the access of the employees at the activity location outside the working hours is forbidden;
  • the employees shall present themselves in order to be controlled when coming and leaving the work place by the border policemen working in the access point.

The validity term of the approval is one year.


The heads of Border Police structures, which have issued the approvals, are required to organize and to carry out the control of the way in which the approved activities are performed.

If upon control it is ascertained the fact that the conditions established by the approval are not observed the physical and legal persons authorized are sanctioned.

When it is ascertained that the offence of non-compliance with the obligations provided for in the approval issued by the head of the territorial directorate of border police or by the chief of the coordination structure of the airport crossing points is repeatedly committed, the physical or legal persons for which the approval was issued, shall be subject to a fine and approval withdrawal.


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