Institutional cooperation

Interinstitutional cooperation at national and international level is very important for Romanian Border Police.

In order to prevent and counter cross-border crime, Romanian Border Police permanently cooperates with the liaison officers and Romanian internal affairs attaches from the origin/transit state for illegal migration or those belonging to these states, recognized in Romania.

Also, there is a close cooperation with the similar structures of the E.U. member states and as well as with other international institutions/bodies with responsibilities in the border field, the operational results obtained are a proof of the efficiency of these bilateral relations.

At the Romanian border level, there are also contact points / centers within which both Romanian border police and representatives of the similar institutions of neighboring countries and European Union member states carry out their activity.

The activities of these points have fully proven their efficiency as the results obtained clearly contribute to the increase of the capacity of our institution on prevention and countering, in real time, the illegal migration, trafficking in human beings and cross-border crime in all its manifestation forms.

The internal cooperation has a permanent character and constitutes an essential element for the efficient implementation of the strategies and legislation in the field. It is materialized by operational data and information exchange, joint actions, participation in joint training programmes, common exploitation of the risk analyses specific to the activity field of each institution etc. Thus, the aim is to further increase the efficiency in countering cross-border crime and to achieve a fluent and operational control at the crossing points for the purpose of ensuring the state and the citizens security to the benefit of whom we carry out the activity.

In the context of our country's accession to the European Union and to the Schengen area, Romanian Border Police continues its efforts to respect the commitments undertaken by Romania, as well as to implement, at the Romanian border level, the Schengen practices.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more