Travel Conditions

The activity of the Romanian Border Police represents public service and is performed for the interest of the person, of the community and for the support of the state institutions, exclusively based on and for the law enforcement.

In carrying out their duties, the border policemen fully respect the human dignity and do not discriminate among people on categories of gender, race or ethnical origin, religion or belief, disabilities, age or sexual orientation.

The Romanian Border Police will always observe the laws and the fundamental freedoms of the people, and the undertaken measures will be based on the provisions of the international, community and national law.

At border crossing, it will be permanently pursued to assure a rapid and correct check of the travel documents.

In case the traffic gets crowded, please be patient and follow the recommendations of the border policemen. Our institution will take immediate measures in order to supplement the number of workers who carry out the check of the travel documents and to increase the number of control arteries (on the entry or exit way), also taking into account the configuration of each crossing point.

We cannot allow the border policemen not to fulfill their duties or to carry it out in a defective or abusive way. Also, we do not allow our employee to charge or receive money or other material benefits.

Should you witness or be in this kind of situation, please inform us immediately in order to carry out investigations and be able to take the legal measures. Notices and complaints can be made at:

  • General Inspectorate of Border Police, at e-mail addresses: and or at telephone: 021.9590.
  • Control Body of the Minister of Administration and Interior, telephone: +4021.303.70.84.
  • General Directorate for Information and Internal Protection within the Ministry of Administration and Interior - Bucharest, telephone: +4021.315.87.52.
  • General Anticorruption Directorate within Ministry of Administration and Interior, telephone: 0800.806.806.

Thank you and we wish you a pleasant trip!

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more