GALATI Contact Centre

Headquarters: The Road Border Crossing Point Galati

The Contact Centre Galati was established on 01.06.2003, on the basis of the 4th Component - "Promotion of the Cross-bordering Cooperation" - within the Institutional Twining Convention with Germany - "Strategy of Integrated Border Management" (RO99-IB-JH.04).

The Centre has as basis the Agreement between the Romanian Government, Cabinet Council of Ukraine and the Moldavian Government, regarding the cooperation in the contact points and centres and the Agreement between Romanian Government, Cabinet Council of Ukraine and the Moldavian Government regarding the establishment of the Common Contact Centre in Galati.

Participants - it is a form of cooperation which, at the present moment operates on the internal plan, with representatives of:

  • Border Police
  • Customs Authority
  • also, in order to function at the international level, the negotiations for a Romanian-Ukrainian-Moldavian trilateral legal instrument are in progress.

Main fields of cooperation:

  • countering trafficking in human beings
  • countering illegal migration
  • countering trafficking in stolen vehicles
  • countering forgeries in travel documents
  • persons' identifications.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more