Ways of performing the border control check when entering the country

From the Border Police's perspective regarding its attributions, the border control is carried out, based on community and national regulations in the field. So, the travel documents (passport or identity card) or other documents are being checked as a proof that the conditions of entry are met by everyone.

 After carrying out the border control, on the way to enter the country, at the land border crossing points, the traffic participants are taken over by the representatives of the Public Health Directorate located in the border crossing points for carrying out the epidemiological triage. Currently, conducting special sanitary / epidemiological control procedures, as well as fulfilling the necessary formalities for their implementation are carried out based on Law no. 136/2020 on the establishment of measures in the field of public health in situations of epidemiological and biological risk, and according to art.11 par. (1) as well as other legal provisions are the responsibility of the representatives of the Public Health Directorates located at the border crossing points. 

According to art. 3, letter a, of the same normative act, “quarantine of persons is being established by the Health Directorate’s motivated individual decision, which will contain information on the date and about the issuer of the document, name and identification data of the quarantined person, duration of the measure and the remedy in law ”. Consequently, the Public Health Directorates’ Representatives are empowered to carry out special sanitary / epidemiological control procedures and to order individual measures based on the applicable normative acts - quarantine / isolation of persons coming from the yellow list countries, exceptions from quarantine, results for PCR tests, etc.- based on the documents submitted by the persons checked while crossing the border. We specify that the oath at the entry into the country is no longer provided by any normative act, and from July 2020, after the date of entry into force of Law 136/2020, travelers are no longer required to complete such a declaration on their own responsibility.


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