Traffic restarted through several Border Crossing Points

Starting today, 17.06.2020, according to the Government Decision no 467/2020 on the extension of the state of alert on the Romanian territory and the measures applicable during this period for preventing and countering the effects of COVID-19 pandemics, the international passenger and cargo traffic restarted through several Border Crossing Points open at the border with Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia, as follows:

  • BCP Negru Vodă road and railway (Constanța County)
  • BCP Turnu Măgurele road (ferry) and port (Teleorman County)
  • BCP Porţile de Fier II road (Mehedinţi County)
  • BCP Jimbolia railway (Timiș County)
  • BCP Sighetu Marmației road (Maramureș County)

The measure will contribute to the smoothing of traffic through the border crossing points, in the context of relaxation measures for international travel and increasing traffic values at the border.

We remind the fact that, at the border with Hungary, since the middle of May, the traffic restarted gradually, and currently 11 border crossing points (10 for international passenger, vehicles and trucks traffic and 1for cross-border workers) are operational; to this end, we recommend to the passengers to transit all the border crossing points, so as to avoid overcrowding.    

The activity will temporarily remain suspended, totally or partially, in the following border crossing points:  

At the Romanian-Hungarian border:

  • BCP Carei - railway, Satu Mare County.
  • BCP Săcuieni, Satu Mare County (except of cross-border workers)

At the Romanian-Bulgarian border:

  • BCP Lipniţa, Constanța County
  • BCP Dobromir, Constanța County
  • BCP Bechet (except of cargo traffic)

At the Romanian-Ukrainian border:

  • BCP Isaccea, Tulcea County

At the Romanian-Moldovan border:

  • BCP Rădăuţi Prut, Botoşani County
  • BCP Oancea, Galaţi County

At the Romanian-Serbian border:

  • BCP Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinţi County (except of cargo traffic)
  • BCP Orşova, Mehedinţi County
  • BCP Moldova Noua, Caraş-Severin County
  • BCP Naidăș, Caraş-Severin County
  • BCP Vălcani, Timiş County
  • BCP Stamora Moraviţa, Timiş County - railway (except of cargo traffic)
  • BCP Lunga, Timiş County
  • BCP Foeni, Timiş County 

More information regarding the situation of the border crossing points can be found on the Online traffic application, which can be accessed at

Furthermore, the entry on the Romanian territory is not allowed, through the state border crossing points for foreign citizens, non-EU citizens, respectively not belonging to the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation, as well as for stateless persons. The following foreign citizens are exempted from these provisions:

  • Family members of Romanian citizens;
  • Family members of other EU member states or EEA or the Swiss Confederation,  with Romanian residence;
  • Persons holding long stay visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to the residence permit issued by the authorities or a document equivalent to these issued by the authorities of other states, according to the EU right;
  • Persons travelling for business purposes, justified by visa, residence permit or another equivalent document, respectively medical personnel, researchers in the medical field, medical personnel in the geriatric field, as well as transporters and other types of personnel involved in the transportation of goods ensuring such necessary transports;
  • Diplomatic or consular personnel, international organization personnel, military personnel or personnel which can ensure humanitarian support;
  • Persons in transit, including the returned persons as a result of granting consular protection;
  • Persons travelling on imperative grounds;
  • Persons needing international protection or other humanitarian reasons.

 Following the measures put in place by the officials within the Romanian and Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to ease the traffic at the common border, the Hungarian authorities  communicated that starting with 17.06.2020, at 00:00 (Hungarian time), the Romanian citizens may transit the Hungarian territory without restrictions.  This measure is also applicable for own citizens.

We remind the fact that, starting with 15.06.2020, at 00:00, the persons arriving from: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Swiss Confederation,  Germany, Greece, Island, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary ( established based on the analysis carried out by the National Public Health Institute, approved though the decision of the national Committee for Emergency Situations are exempted of quarantine/home isolation measures. At the same time, the persons arriving Romania from the countries covered by the exception regarding the quarantine/home isolation, but who, before leaving that country did not stay for at least 14 days on its territory, shall enter the quarantine/home isolation at the stated location, together with the tenants, including family/next-of-kin, as the case may be.    

At the entry in the country, besides the specific check, the persons are taken over by the representatives of the Public Health Directorate in order to fill in the self-declaration and to carry out the epidemiological screening. 

The declaration template can be found and downloaded from the site of the Romanian Border Police, at the link:

  • Traffic restarted through several Border Crossing Points

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more