List of the countries/areas with high epidemiological risk according to Decision no. 51 / 02.11.2020 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations

The List of countries / areas with high epidemiological risk has been updated, according to Decision no. 51 of 02.11.2020, approving the list of countries / areas / territories of high epidemiological risk for which the quarantine measure is instituted.

Therefore, persons traveling to Romania and coming from the countries mentioned above will need to quarantine and due to the value of the cumulative incidence rate of cases, mask becomes mendatory in all open spaces.List of countries / areas / territories with high epidemiological risk, according to Decision no. 51 of 02.11.2020 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations.

List in force since 03.11.2020.

YELLOW AREA (home quarantine / declared location for 14 days): Andorra, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, French Polynesia, Slovenia, Armenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Georgia, Guam, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Montenegro, San Marino, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Northern Macedonia, Argentina, Gibraltar, Malta, Jordan, Hungary, Bulgaria.

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