Border formalities during the alert period

In regards to the end of the emergency state in which we were until 14.05.2020, the Romanian Border Police continues to apply measures for prevention and control of the spread of the SarsCov-2 virus in the border crossing points, together with the other authorities with responsibilities in the field.

Thus, the situation of road users will continue to be closely monitored from entering the country, and at border crossing points (road, sea and airport) checks will be made for all persons who show up at the entrance into the country and arrive from an international trip, according to the list updated by the National Institute of Public Health ( 05-2020 / file). During this period, the border formalities follow the same procedure in the sense that, in addition to the specific control upon entry into the country, the persons are taken over by the representatives of the Public Health Directorate to complete a personal liability statement and perform epidemiological triage to establish mandatory isolation measures in their homes or institutionalized quarantine.

Starting with 15.05.2020, for all persons coming to Romania from abroad, the measure of quarantine / isolation at home together with the family / relatives with whom they live together is instituted, and for those who do not have the possibility to meet the conditions for the above mentioned measure or requests this in order not to expose their family, it is possible to opt for the measure of institutionalized quarantine, in specially designated spaces provided by the authorities.

  • Border formalities during the alert period

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