Map with the itinerary of the open border crossing points at the Romanian-Hungarian border

Currently, at the western border, the following border crossing points are operational, for carrying out the control formalities for passengers, respectively trucks, both on the entry into Romania and on the exit from Romania, (depending on the specifics of each point):

 Petea - Satu Mare county

Urziceni - Satu Mare county

Mihai's Valley - Bihor County

Borş - Bihor county

Vărșand - Arad county

Turnu - Arad county

Nădlac I - Arad county

Nădlac II - Arad county

Also, only the traffic of cross-border workers is allowed through the other three crossing points open at the common border:

Salonta - Bihor county

Săcuieni - Bihor county

Cenad - Timiş County

We recommend to traffic participants the transit of all border crossing points open to international traffic at the western border, in order to avoid the occurrence of overloads of only some of them, due to a large number of passengers, in a very short time.

In order to support people who want to enter the country during this period, transiting Hungary, the border police made a map with the travel itinerary that can be used to lead to the open border crossing points at the Romanian-Hungarian border.

The border police makes the most of the capacity of the border crossing points, within their configuration, and the personnel planned to carry out activities at the border control work uninterruptedly, being endowed also with mobile terminals for carrying out the border formalities.

We return with the specification that the border formalities require a longer processing time due to the fact that in addition to the specific control upon entry into the country, people are taken over by the representatives of the Public Health Directorate to complete the declaration on their own responsibility and perform epidemiological triage, establishing the obligatory measures of isolation / quarantine at home or institutionalized quarantine.

Information on the situation of border points open to international traffic can be found on the online traffic application which can be accessed at


  •  Map with the itinerary of the open border crossing points at the Romanian-Hungarian border

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