Ship Repairs Site of BRAILA

Braila, 1st Incinta Docuri street, zip code 900900, county of Braila,
Phone: +40239/612.241,
Fax: +40239/615.945,

The Ship Repairing Site Braila is the structure with logistic specific, subordinated to the General Inspectorate of Border Police, non-operative, with naval logistic specific.
Main attributions:
  • to bring into functional parameters the naval means needing repair and belonging to the Border Police and to the other structures of public order and national safety;
  • to provide the technical intervention in case of incidents, to carry out periodic inspections, to complete the endowment and the training of the personnel of the naval means, at their working place - at the border;
  • to participate in the receiving, the performance of the evidence, to draw out the specific documentation, the post-warranty service and to train the crews for the naval means newly entered in the endowment of the Border Police and of the other structures; belonging to the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform;
  • to project and to carry out the changes of the body, installations and apparatus of the naval means, on the occasion of the capital repairs, modernization and the complete their endowment;
  • to participate in the implementation of the measures in the Strategies of Strengthening the State Borders and as regards the border integrated management system, of the concepts of surveillance and control of the naval traffic.

These coordinates are determined by the implementation of the quality management, of the planning, performance and reporting of the production according to the technical-economic indicators, taking into account the endowment with modern apparatus and installations. The high quality works imposed the specialization of the personnel who has to keep up with the technical changes in the field of PC assisted projecting, with the repairs of the ship bodies, the taking into warranty and post-warranty service of the propulsion means and of the board apparatus of last generation received from abroad through Phare Programmes carried out starting 2000 and 2002.

The Ship Repairing Site Braila does not have subordinated structures, is organized on sections and production workshops, as well as units with attributions in other fields. It is endowed with:

  • the base ship,
  • two floating workshops,
  • a river ferry and decked barge at river km 169,8 on the left bank of the Danube,
  • a floating dock in the Dock basin of Braila harbour,
  • an administration flag on the Anghel Saligny Street.

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