School for Border Police Staff Initial and Continuous Formation of Iasi

Centru IasiIasi, 3 - 5 George Cosbuc street, zip code 700469, county of Iasi,
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The location of the institution has been built during the interval between 1970 - 1974. Here were trained and educated during the interval between 1974 - 1999 dozens of thousands of soldiers serving for the country, destined for the safeguard and defense of the boundaries of Romania. During the interval between 1992 - 1997, two thirds of the location have been assigned for the functioning of the first high education institution of border guards, the "Border Guards Faculty" from the organic of "A.I.Cuza" Police Academy.
Starting from 2000, for the first time ever, the Center of Iasi has made a change of move, from training of the soldiers serving for the country to training the professionals supposed to work at the future external border of the European Union. During the period between April 2000 - September 2003, over 1,500 militaries hired under contract and border police agents have become familiar with the secrets of the border policemen profession.

In year 2003, the institution has been subject to some rehabilitation programs through PHARE programs and co-funding programs, ensuring modern equipments and training and accommodation conditions.

On first of December 2004 has been established the Formation and Perfection Center of Iasi, structure which possesses the qualities of a modern educational institution, of European level, for the formation and perfection of border police agents, and since 01st of January 2006, under the name of "The School for Border Police Staff Initial and Continuous Formation of Iasi", under the basis of the Decision of the General Inspector of the Romanian Border Police.

At the same time, the School has the human and logistic capabilities required to organize and unfold certain symposiums, seminars, sessions of scientific communications, conferences, etc., with internal and international participation, most of them being components of the Conventions of Institutional Twinning of the Romanian Border Police.

The fundamental objective of the School for Border Police Staff Initial and Continuous Formation of Iasi is to train and brush-up agents of the border police capable to execute missions of surveillance and control of crossing of the state border in compliance with the European standards imposed by the Schengen norms, educated in the spirit of observance of the principles of the legal state, of the Euro-conform regulations, of democracy, love and devotion for the country, vis-a-vis the historical past and traditions of the Romanian people.

The School for Border Police Staff Initial and Continuous Formation of Iasi ensures unfolding of the courses for the initiation in career of the agents of the border police proceeding from amongst the border policemen hired on the basis of contracts or from external sources and of the courses for agents' current perfection, per separate fields of combating transnational criminality, as well as of other courses.

The main educational disciplines which are taught within the framework of the School aim at training and developing professional and ethical capabilities of the border police agents, in accordance with the designed occupational standards, in the fields: juridical training, the tactics of the border police, informatics, public order, foreign languages, police ethics, physical education.

Courses are taught in accordance with the education plans and the curricula specific to the training field had in view.

Symposiums, seminars, sessions of scientific communications and conferences are organized and also unfolded on the basis of the curricula/schedules drawn up and unfolded by the beneficiary institutions.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more