ORADEA Avram Iancu Training School for Border Police Agents

Oradea, 2-4 Aradului street, zip code 410223, county of Bihor,
Phone: +40259.419.520,
Fax: +40259.412.273,
e-mail: pfr.avramiancu@yahoo.com,
web: www.avramiancu.ro

It has been established by Decree of the Minister of Interior No. 04875 from 31st of July 1992 and it continues the tradition of the renown education of public order and national safety, attested in Oradea in 1919 and it functions in the former location of the Border Guards Instruction Center.

This is a post-secondary education institution which belongs to the structure of the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, it is subordinated directly to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police and it is coordinated in terms of education by the Human Resources Management Directorate from the Ministry structure. It has been organized and it performs its activity in accordance with the stipulations of the Constitution, of the national legislation from the field of education, of the decrees and instructions elaborated by the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs and also with the provisions of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police.


  • Formation of border police agents, through full time courses with a duration of 2 years, on the basis of the competence units determined in the occupational standard for the basis step of the career of the border policeman.
  • Organization and unfolding of the courses of initiation in the career of the border police agents proceeding from amongst the border policemen hired on the basis of a contract.
  • Organization and unfolding of courses and also of the capability exam for the professional rank as chief agent.
  • If required, it can also organize and unfold courses of perfection for border police agents, in separate fields of transnational criminality.

Training topics:

  • Border Police Tactics
  • Fundamentals of the Information Work
  • Applied informatics and communications
  • State Border Law
  • Criminal and lawsuit related-criminal law
  • Criminalistics and contraventional legislation
  • Communitarian law and juridical protection of human rights
  • Public order
  • Shooting instruction
  • Road legislation and automobile driving
  • Physical Education
  • Applied foreign languages (English, French, Russian, German)
  • Police ethics, public relations and communication
  • Psychology, counseling, practice probation

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more