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The situation at the border, in the last 24 hours
Forty-one foreign nationals found hidden in trucks, at Nădlac II Border Crossing Point
Traffic restarted through several Border Crossing Points
Recommendations for crossing the Hungarian borders
Information on formalities through border crossing points during the alert period
Twenty-five Syrian citizens, found at the western border  
Containers loaded with waste, found in the port of Constanta Sud Agigea
Over 1300 illegal deeds ascertained at the border in January 2020
Activity assessment of the Romanian Border Police carried out in 2019
Over 4.4 million packages of smuggled cigarettes seized by border guards in 11 months of 2019  
35 passports and forged identity cards detected at the border control in January
Seven citizens of Syria, Yemen and Egypt have illegally crossed the border over the Danube river, by boat
Amendments and additions to O.U.G. 104/2001 regarding the organization and functioning of the Romanian Border Police
Approximately 30.000 items likely to be counterfeit, captured by border guards in January
230 vehicles brought to the attention of the authorities in the country and abroad, discovered at the border in 2019
Romanian border policemen participated in 16 missions and operations under FRONTEX aegis in 2019
The situation at the border, in the last 24 hours
The situation at the border, in the last 24 hours
20 migrants hidden inside a pallet-laden pickup truck at Nădlac I Border Crossing Point
Impressive catch, about a ton of cannabis found at Giurgiu Border Crossing Point
Over 400,000 packages of smuggled cigarettes, found hidden in a ware truck at P.T.F. Nădlac II
Do you know how many cigarettes you can legally cross the border with? Choose to be informed! An information campaign for British American Tobacco, in partnership with the Romanian Border Police
The situation at the border, in the last 24 hours

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more