The situation at the borders in the last 24 hours

On 07.10.2021, approximately 100,500 people, Romanian and foreign citizens, carried out the control formalities through the border points at the level of the entire country with over 35,100 means of transport (out of which 16,800 were trucks). On the entrance direction there were approximately 48,300 people with 17,600 means of transport, and on the exit direction 52,200 people with 17,500 means of transport.

The border with Hungary was crossed by approximately 35,100 people and 17,200 means of transport (7,800 trucks), of which on the way out of the country there were about 19,300 people with 8,600 means of transport.

The border police are working at the maximum capacity allowed by the infrastructure of the crossing points. We recommend to the traffic participants the transit of all points open to international traffic, so as to avoid the occurrence of overloads of only some of them.

Information on the situation of border points open to international traffic can be found on the online Traffic application which can be accessed at

Regarding the specific activities, in the areas of competence - the crossing points and the “green border” - the border guards found:

  • 42 illegal acts (31 crimes and 11 contraventions) committed by both Romanian and foreign citizens;
  • undeclared goods (which were to be illegally introduced into the country) were discovered, independently or in collaboration with other institutions), which exceeded the customs allowed limit or suspected to be counterfeit, in a total value of approximately 119,400 lei;
  • the value of the applied contravention fines amounts to over 1,800 lei.
  • 53 foreign citizens were not allowed to enter the country, who did not meet the conditions provided by law and also Romanian citizens were not allowed to leave for various legal reasons.

The Romanian Border Police s the specialized state institution which carries out the attributions appertaining to it and referring to the surveillance and control of the crossing of the state border ... read more