The Romanian Border Police celebrates 155 years of institutional establishment

Today, July 24th, the Romanian Border Police celebrates 155 years of institutional establishment, a moment marked by advancing to the next professional degree, before reaching the minimum level, of 100 border guards who have proven exceptional merits in reaching special objectives in the activity. Sports competitions and fishing competitions, technical exhibitions and events specially organized for children, were the surprises whereby border guards within the territorial structures marked the existence of the institution for more than a century and a half.

The day of the Romanian Border Police is an opportunity to reward the actions of their own workers, in fulfilling their specific duties at the Romanian border.

This year, a number of 100 border guards, 34 officers and 66 agents working in the Border Police structures, specialists in land border surveillance, maritime, airport were highlighted and rewarded by advancement in professional rank, before the completion of the minimum internship, for special merits in the operational missions carried out, both on the territory of the country and after participating in the joint operations organized by the Frontex Agency.

Over 95% out of the 100 border guards promoted come from the operational territorial structures of the border police, noting themselves within the surveillance and control actions carried out at the state border, but especially in the missions for combating cross-border crime and illegal migration, having an important contribution to the operational results obtained by the structures they are part of.

Border Police Day in the countryThe Border Police Day represented a moment of joy and enthusiasm for the border policemen within the territorial inspectorates and the schools of border police officers, who organized various activities on the occasion of the 155th anniversary of institutional existence, activities dedicated to their own personnel, to the general public, but especially to the small ones, which every time overflows with curiosity, enthusiasm and joy when contacting our institution.This year, the Territorial Inspectorate of Border Police Iasi organized a sports-application competition, "Bereta Verde", which is in its first edition. The competition was attended by officers and border police officers from Iasi and neighboring counties, and the challenge was to carry out a 6 km route, carried out on rough terrain, with altitude difference, the participants being tested their physical condition and resistance to effort. The finalists were rewarded with green berets, a symbol of belonging to one of the most important structures for the defense of territorial integrity, but also of the citizens' safety.The Territorial Inspectorates of Border Police Oradea, Timişoara, Sighetu Marmatiei and the Coast Guard organized competitions and sports games (football, volleyball, applied routes, fishing, marine water sports, traditional sports - foot, turkey), to which they took parttogether with the border guards, and workers from other structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also border guards from neighboring states. Also, the gates of the territorial structures had the gates wide open to the public, but also to groups of children for whom demonstrative exercises and stands were organized and where the technique used by the border guards in activity was exposed.Historical testimonies undoubtedly show that the institution of border protection has existed since ancient times, undergoing a series of transformations and refinements until it reached the current modern and European structure.A special moment in the existence of the modern structure of today was marked by the signing by the ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, on July 24, 1864, of the High Royal Decree number 893, which represented the union of the two border bodies in Moldova and the Romanian Country. The body of the border guards, from beyond and beyond the unified Milcov, was an integral part of the army, being under the direct authority of the Ministry of War. July 24th  remained a symbol in the institution's history, being declared the Romanian Border Police Day. It is the day when today's border guards honor their ancestors and look forward to the mission they have to oversee and protect Romania's borders today.By the Emergency Ordinance of the Government of Romania no. 104/2001 regarding the organization and functioning of the Romanian Border Police, this historical date was designated as an official holiday of the Romanian Border Police, being the moment of recognition of the institutional identity and also the foundation of today's modern organization, operating at European standards.In the 155 years of existence, the Romanian Border Police has gone through several stages of transformation and improvement, depending on the character of the historical period lived, but regardless of the form of organization or name, the mission has always remained the same, more precisely the one of guarding the legality, order and peace at the border.Currently, as a specialized institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Border Police has the obligation to prevent and combat dangerous events directed to Romania, determined by the illegal migration and the cross-border crime and also to defend the life, the bodily integrity and the freedom of the people, the public and private property, the other legitimate rights and interests of the citizens and the community, its activity constituting the public service carried out in the interest of the person, of the community and in support of the state institutions, exclusively on the basis and through the application of the law.Through the results obtained, the Romanian Border Police institution continues to assert itself as a reliable partner of the European states in the fight against cross-border crime, enjoying the respect and appreciation of similar structures in other countries, and the professionalism of the border guards and the openness to collaboration, manifested permanently in the relations with the other structures, they had an essential contribution to obtaining these performances and creating a positive image of the institution abroad.

  • The Romanian Border Police celebrates 155 years of institutional establishment

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