Romanian Border Police launched a new institutional site

Romanian Border Police launched a new version of the internet site, web portal with a simpler and modern architecture, whose content is based on information useful for Romanians and foreigners; the aim is to increase the inter-institutional transparency and accurate information of the public regarding the role, activities and missions of the institution.

At the same time, a simplified version for mobile phones and tablets was launched and allows the access to information of public interest, and also to “Online Traffic” application which presents the average of the waiting times in all the road border crossing points.      

The current site displays an information section, crawl type, which is permanently updated and will contain useful information for the persons crossing the border. During the crowded periods (legal holidays, summer season etc.), the crawl will contain real time information regarding the waiting times in the border crossing points, alerts or any other warnings regarding the cross-border traffic. 

Useful application for the persons transiting the border during crowded periods

In order to support the persons transiting the road border crossing points in the periods with high traffic values, the Romanian Border Police improved the “Online traffic” application which contains data on the border crossing points and the average waiting time for the border control at the entry/exit in/from Romania.  

As an improvement, the application displays the average of the waiting times for the border control for two types of vehicles: cars (also including microbuses and buses) and trucks (transportation means for cargo weighting over 7.5 tons). 

The application can be accessed from any PC or mobile terminal with internet access. The border crossing points are marked, depending on the traffic and waiting times, with different colors:

  • Green = waiting times up to 30 minutes;
  • Yellow = waiting times between 30 and 60 minutes;
  • Red = waiting times over 60 minutes.

Also, the application uses the navigation mode provided by Google Maps and by accessing the “direction” tab the routes can be set up to a certain border crossing point.

The waiting times are updated in real time, based on the information provided by the territorial structures of the Border Police; this fact helps the user to reroute to another border crossing point whose traffic values are low.

In the main menu of the application, the user has the possibility to see the values of the waiting times in the border crossing points in two modes: on the map and as a list of the border crossing points.  The application allows the introduction of alerts or warnings for a border crossing point or specifications regarding the localization of the border crossing point or the number of operational control lanes, on each direction.

User-friendly interface, useful information at a simple click

The new site has a user-friendly and improved interface; the focus was on simplicity and easy access to useful information for persons crossing the border. The information sections are permanently updated so that the users can be informed in due time regarding the necessary conditions to cross the border.

The news and events section has a new graphic, the activities of the border policemen are presented in a modern and practical format. Also, the illustration of the cases with photos and video images is emphasized, so that the users can be better informed regarding the activities carried out by our institution. 

The site ensures the necessary links to the communication channels on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Online platform allows the access of the visitors to the Border Police Museum through a virtual tour.   

The web page will promote the activities carried out at international level by Romania, through the Romanian Border Police, in order to secure the European borders, as well as the activities developed within FRONTEX Agency (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union). 

The old site of RBP had, in the last 90 days, more than one million visitors and the application was accessed by approximately 1.000.000 users.  The new online platform was financed from European funds.

  • Romanian Border Police launched a new institutional site

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