Over 1300 illegal deeds ascertained at the border in January 2020

As a result of the surveillance and control missions carried out at the border points, as well as in the area of competence, in January 2020, the border police ascertained an increase of about 14% in the number of illegal acts committed by both Romanian citizens and foreigners, through which the legislation in force was violated.

Thus, during the period analyzed, border guards ascertained 1,345 illegal acts, out of which 756 crimes and 589 contraventions.

Regarding the number of offenses ascertained, 55% of their total amount concerned the attempt or illegal crossing of the border, as well as the false and the use of false (420 facts).

On the occasion of the border control, in the first month of the year, the border guards did not allow 657 foreign nationals entry into Romania, as a result of not fulfilling the legal conditions of entry into the country. The main reasons for which the measure of non-entry into the country was taken are: they did not possess the necessary documentation to justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, respectively they did not hold a valid visa or a valid residence permit.

Also, 411 Romanian and foreign nationals were not allowed to leave the country, for different legal reasons.

At the border control, 8,920 Schengen or national alerts were detected, a part targeting cars searched by authorities for confiscation, thus 21 vehicles were found, reported as being stolen or searched by authorities from states belonging to the European Union.

Also, the border guards detected 44 persons in criminal prosecution, Romanian and foreign citizens, who were handed over to the competent authorities within the Romanian Police, so that the legal measures could be taken. These were detected at the border points, both on the way out of the country and on entering Romania, as well.

In most cases, the persons prosecuted generally committed, both in Romania and on the territory of the European Union, common law offenses - theft, robbery, deception, personal injury, etc., but also facts related to cross-border crime.

The Romanian Border Police also cooperates with all the structures with responsibilities on the line of preventing and combating cross-border crime (Romanian Police, DGV, etc.), the measures taken at the border against these persons being taken in accordance with the European legislation.

  • Over 1300 illegal deeds ascertained at the border in January 2020

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