Official meeting of the Romanian Border Police leadership with the one in Ukraine

Between 13-14.07.2021, in Constanţa, during the XII Meeting of the Border Guard Assignees of Romania and Ukraine, Mr. Quaestor of Police Liviu Bute, Inspector General of the Romanian Border Police, had a meeting with Major General Volodimyr Nikiforenko, First Deputy of the Administration of the State Border Service of Ukraine, on which occasion the main ways of cooperation and efficiency of the surveillance of the common Romanian-Ukrainian border were established.

The activity took place at the Coast Guard headquarters, at the invitation of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Border Police, based on collaboration protocols between the border authorities in Romania and Ukraine, which provide for the organization of such activities, alternatively both in our country as well as on the territory of the neighboring country.

  During the meeting, the heads of the two border authorities analyzed the operational situation at the Romanian-Ukrainian border, discussed the current issues registered in the area of competence, as well as the implementation of bilateral agreements, meaning that the two delegations discussed and established the details necessary for the resumption of joint patrol at the Romanian-Ukrainian state border.

Regarding the operational situation at the common border, the analysis focused on the evolution of the cigarette smuggling phenomenon, the prevention and combating of illegal migration and cross-border crime at the common border, as well as on how to conduct joint border, maritime, river surveillance and surveillance missions. terrestrial. The situation of the functioning of the Romanian-Ukrainian state border crossing points was analyzed, as well as the application of the provisions of the Agreement on the readmission of persons.

In the context of preventing and combating cross-border crime, the two officials aimed to intensify the exchange of data and operational information in order to dismantle cigarette trafficking groups, focusing on improving collaboration through the Porubne Contact Point.

Also on this occasion, the Ukrainian delegation was presented with the capabilities of the SCOMAR System, an operative surveillance system at the Black Sea the Coast Guard is equipped with, as well as the flagship of the Romanian Border Police "Stefan cel Mare", which participated in numerous international missions. The visit ended at one of the operational structures of the RBP, the Mangalia Naval Group, which uses in its specific maritime surveillance missions a remote piloting system for large unmanned aerial vehicles / drones, provided by the European Maritime Safety Agency – EMSA.

This visit is part of the program carried out by the Romanian Border Police in order to intensify the relations of international inter-institutional collaboration in the border field, in order to ensure a high level of border security.

  • Official meeting of the Romanian Border Police leadership with the one in Ukraine
  • Official meeting of the Romanian Border Police leadership with the one in Ukraine
  • Official meeting of the Romanian Border Police leadership with the one in Ukraine

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