More than 150 vehicles in the attention of the authorities in the country and abroad, discovered at the border in 2021


In the first 11 months of 2021, as a result of missions carried out at border crossings and in the area of competence, the border police discovered 151 vehicles that were in the attention of the authorities or were suspected of being stolen (122 cars, 16 minibuses, 5 trucks, 1 bus, 4 motorcycles and 3 trailers), an indicator that remains the same as the one registered in the previous year (156 vehicles).

Most of the vehicles were discovered on the border with Hungary, at BCP Nădlac II (Arad County) and BCP Petea (Satu Mare County). Significant cases have also been reported on the border with Bulgaria, in the BCP Calafat and BCP. Giurgiu, as well as on the border with the Republic of Moldova, where BCP. Albita (Vaslui County) has the most such cases.

Also, during the reference period, 160 crimes were found, the persons involved being Romanian citizens, as well as Bulgarians, Spaniards, Swedes, Iranians, Poles, Turks, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Hungarians, Germans and others.

In all cases, according to the legislation, criminal files were drawn up for those involved, and the vehicles in question were made unavailable at the headquarters of the territorial structures of the Border Police, until the end of the case.

Following this year's analysis, it was found that the main countries of origin of vehicles in the attention of the authorities, which were found on the borders of Romania, are Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria, France and Romania, most of the cars found being from the category of luxury and medium cars.

In most cases, those behind the wheel of the cars said during the investigation that they did not know that the cars were in the attention of the authorities as stolen, as they were only "bona fide buyers". Others claimed that they had received a sum of money to transport the car to Romania, and also did not know that it was in the attention of the authorities.

In order to identify and confiscate the cars claimed to have been stolen abroad, under the direct supervision of the competent prosecutor's offices, the border guards collaborated with similar structures in EU Member States, exchanging data and information operatively through Points and Contact Centers from the border.

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