Measures to ease the traffic in the border crossing points

Bearing in mind that during this week-end many Romanian citizens outside the borders came back to Romania in order to spend their holidays together with the families, as well as the great number of Romanian citizens choose to spend their holidays outside the Romanian borders, an increase of the traffic in the border crossing points, especially in the west and south of the country was recorded. During this period, more than 4.000 border guards carry out, on a daily basis, surveillance and control activities of the state border.

In the last 48 hours, more than 500.000 persons and  126.000 transportation means crossed the border. 

The most transited border crossing points were the ones from the Romanian-Hungarian border (189.000 persons) and the airport borders (120.000 persons).

As regards the traffic in the border crossing points, the most transited was BCP Henri Coandă Airport, with approximately 73.000 persoane, followed by BCP Nădlac II with more than 60.000 persons and BCP Borş, where the border guards checked more than 39.000 persons. At the same time, at the Bulgarian border, the most intense traffic was recorded in BCP Giurgiu (50.000 persons) and Vama Veche (23.000 persons).

We underline the fact that the infrastructure of the border crossing points is used at its maximum, within the limit of their configuration. Depending on the traffic values, in each border crossing points were set up additional check flows, on the entry or exit way, according to the case.

Given the fact that, according to the estimations, the most transited border crossing points are the ones at the border with Hungary and Bulgaria, we remind you to transit all the border crossing points open for international traffic.   

The traffic participants can use Trafic on-line application, developed by the Romanian Border Police, which can be accessed on, presenting information on all the border crossing points. Moreover, this on-line application presents an average of the waiting times in the road border crossing points for certain time periods. The waiting times are updated in real time and the user can re-route to another border crossing point whose traffic values are low.

We bring to your attention that, from 07.04.2017, both the Romanian Border Police and the border authorities of the neighbouring states in Hungary and Bulgaria carry out systematic controls   at the entry / exit in/from the territory of EU Member States, as a result of entry into force of the Regulation 458/2017 amending the Schengen Borders Code. The systematic checks consist of travel document check and checks against relevant data bases of all persons, including the ones benefiting the free movement right according to EU right.

At the same time, the necessary measures were undertaken to grant enhanced border surveillance, respectively the prevention and countering of illegal migration and smuggling with consumer goods in the border crossing points and in the competence area.    

The Romanian Border Police will make every effort to ensure a balance between the security of the citizens and the flow of the passenger traffic.    

Also, for information on the border crossing points, the conditions to travel abroad and for petitions regarding different aspects under the competence of the Border Police, the citizens can call 021.9590, operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Measures to ease the traffic in the border crossing points

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